Welcome to Thought for the Week. Every week an article is published which relates the teaching of the Bible to daily life and current events.

We invite you to read the articles each week and pray that they will enable you to find real help and encouragement in God’s Word an especially in his Son, Jesus Christ. The articles are also published every week in newspapers throughout the UK.

Latest thoughts:

  • 19 October 2020 : When life changes
    I have a friend who has experienced a number of life-changing events. Kristian grew up in Barry in South Wales. [More...]

  • 12 October 2020 : In heavenly love abiding
    This has been a very strange year. Covid-19 has changed the world and the lives of us all. Every news [More...]

  • 5 October 2020 : God is merciful
    The case of Omar Farouq, a 13-year-old boy, in northern Kano state in Nigeria has attracted international attention. In August [More...]

  • 28 September 2020 : Remembering the Penlee Lifeboat Crew
    Lifeboats are a familiar sight when we are on holiday in Britain. In 2019 lifeboats were launched 8941 times and [More...]

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Some churches have created a live link from this website to the home page of their website. This means that as soon as a “Thought” is uploaded to this website it appears on the church website. You can see an example of how this works by clicking on the following link www.thechurchonfinklestreet.com Other churches are welcome to do the same. If you do this, please let us know.

Thought for the Week in Local Newspapers

You could also approach the editor of your local paper to suggest he or she starts a ‘Thought for the Week’ column. These can be downloaded from our website. Please let us know if you are successful, and let us have the name of the newspaper and contact details. We will also be happy to send the “Thought” by email direct to the newspaper each week.

Thought for the Week in Church Magazines

Some churches us “Thoughts” in their Church Magazine. We are happy for other churches to do the same. We will also be happy to add you to the weekly email list so that you receive the “thoughts” in Word format. If you use any of the thoughts we would appreciate you putting a brief acknowledgement in a footnote giving the address of this website www.thoughtfortheweek.co.uk.

Evangelistic Leaflet

Why not convert an article into a small evangelistic leaflet and put your local church details on the back? You could put one of these in each hymn book every Sunday and ask people to pass this on to one person each week. Or just give them out with the weekly church bulletin. This is a good way to encourage Christians to distribute Gospel literature. Have spare leaflets available so that hopefully some may want to give away more than one. Click on the following link for a sample format for a weekly leaflet. Thought for the Week Sample Evangelistic Leaflet – May 2013 If you print it on both sides you will be able to cut each sheet to create two A5 leaflets. We will be happy to send this template to you in Word format.