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  • Stop doubting and believe

    The resurrection of Jesus is central to the Christian faith and to the message Christians proclaim to the peoples of the world. It is a message that speaks to the deepest needs of the human heart. Every day we hear news of people who have died, sometimes in tragic circumstances; a serious illness, a road […]

  • Stop doubting and believe

    The glorious message of Easter is “The Lord has risen!” The resurrection of Jesus transformed the men and women who had followed him. His death on the cross had devastated them. Their hopes had crashed. None of them was expecting Jesus to rise from the dead, even though he had often told them that he […]

  • The Lord is risen!

    The wonderful message of Easter is “The Lord is risen!” After the crucifixion the disciples were devastated and despondent. The Lord whom they loved, and in whom all their hopes were centred, had died in the most terrible way. Early in the morning on the third day after Jesus died, Mary Magdalene went to the […]

  • Mary Magdalene – the true story

    Mary Madalene couldn’t sleep as she remembered all that had happened. So early on Sunday morning she got up and made her way to the tomb where, on Friday, she had seen the body of Jesus being laid. She had stood with the other women by the cross watching him die. She had experienced the […]