Tag: 9/11

  • The only way out is through

    On the morning of September 11, 2001, Christina Stanton and her husband, Brian, stood on their balcony in lower Manhattan watching with horror as the second plane flew right over them and exploded into the World Trade Centre just blocks away. The plane‚Äôs impact into the South Tower blew them back into their living room […]

  • Remembering Billy Graham

    The evangelist Billy Graham died at his home in North Carolina on 21 February at the age of 99. He was born in Charlotte, North Carolina, as World War I was coming to an end. His father owned a 400-acre dairy farm and Billy grew up during the Depression, working long hours to keep the […]

  • When we lose everything

    What do you do when you lose everything? Pictures of the devastation wrought by Hurricane Irma on islands in the Caribbean, such as Barbuda and the British Virgin Islands, are heart-breaking. People have lost their homes and all their possessions. They were helpless in the face of the power of the hurricane. When reporters talked […]

  • The ministry of angels

    Last summer Stephen Parker and his two sons, 17-year-old Mason and 8-year-old J.T., were working on a Toyota Prius at their home in Sugar City, Idaho. Mason had cut his hand and had gone into the house when the car collapsed on Stephen. He called out to J.T. to jack the car up quickly. Stephen […]

  • Overcoming Evil with Good

    Even though the events of 9/11 happened 10 years ago the images remain fresh in our minds. Seeing the planes crash into the Twin Towers of the World Trade Centre and then, just 2 hours later, the 2 towers collapsing is still a vivid memory. Nearly 3000 people died in the attacks on the Twin […]