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  • Forgiveness

    Recently I heard a very moving interview with a lady, Lawill Concy, who lives in the town of Gulu in Northern Uganda. Her husband is a Christian minister. Lawill spoke about atrocities which she suffered 10 years ago at the hands the “Lord’s Resistance Army”, a vicious rebel group.  She, together with 10 other women, […]

  • I will fear no evil for you are with me

    Fear is a universal human experience. For many of us fears lie just beneath the surface.  A recent YouGov poll of more than 2000 people found that 31% feared dementia most as they grow older, compared with 27% who were most scared of cancer. Interestingly, however, 18% said they feared death more than anything else. […]

  • The God of the nations

    The civil unrest in Tunisia and Egypt has brought tens of thousands of people on to the streets. The demonstrators have been ready to confront the police and army and to put their lives at risk.  Some have died and many more have been injured. Most of the demonstrators are ordinary people protesting against the […]

  • Nicholas Winton was a good man

    Not many people know the name of Nicolas Winton, who is now 101 years old. He was a stockbroker who became aware of the plight of Jewish when he was on holiday in Prague at Christmas 1938. In the months leading up to the outbreak of  World War II he organised the rescue of 669 […]

  • A stranger in need is a friend indeed

    The reports of the floods in Brisbane have shown the great power of natural forces. In moments flash floods swept away cars and destroyed property. The story of 13 year old Jordan Rice is deeply moving.  The car he and his family were travelling in was hit by a wall of water which began engulfing […]

  • God speaks through the Bible

    This year is the 400th anniversary of the King James Version of the Bible, the Authorised Version. There have been a number of special events to mark the anniversary including lengthy readings from it on Radio 4. The text of the King James Bible is memorable and many have commented on the impact the translation […]

  • I know who holds the future

    As another year begins it is pleasant to greet family and friends with the words “Happy New Year!” The greeting is sincere and comes from the heart. A new year brings new hopes and expectations. It is a new beginning, full of possibilities. This year, however, I have been very conscious that the coming year […]