Month: April 2013

  • “It is well with my soul – the story of Horatio Spafford”

    Many people find great help and comfort in the words of well known hymns. They express the experience of the hymn writers and are memorable because they are written in poetry and set to music. Hymns enable us to declare our faith and to rest in God and his wonderful promises in Jesus Christ. One […]

  • In the midst of life

    Last week I was visiting the United States of America and landed at Miami on Monday afternoon. As I waited for my next flight news of the bombs in Boston began appearing on the television screens. People in the airport were shocked as information about those who had died and been injured emerged. The Boston […]

  • God forgives and forgets

    The death of Margaret Thatcher has stirred strong feelings for and against her and the very great influence she had when she was Prime Minister. She was removed from office not through losing a general election, but by a leadership challenge from her own MPs. Some of her cabinet colleagues played a key role in […]

  • God is working his purpose out

    North Korea is in the news. Kim Jong-Un, the new, young leader of North Korea is flexing his muscles. The North Korean people are isolated from the outside world. Many of them are poor and hungry, yet North Korea is developing missiles and nuclear technology. The United States is committed to defending South Korea and […]

  • Mary Magdalene – the true story

    Mary Madalene couldn’t sleep as she remembered all that had happened. So early on Sunday morning she got up and made her way to the tomb where, on Friday, she had seen the body of Jesus being laid. She had stood with the other women by the cross watching him die. She had experienced the […]