Month: February 2013

  • There’s no love like the love of Jesus

    One, never to be forgotten, day in December 2011 Patricia’s husband, Gerrard, who was 77, went to buy his morning paper. Gerrard, a retired accountant, and Patricia had been married for 13 “incredibly happy years.” That morning Gerrard did not come home and Patricia went to look for him. She discovered that he had been […]

  • Real relationships in an impersonal world

    The amount of time spent in face to face contact with family and friends has dramatically reduced because of the increased use of mobile phones and social media. Psychologist Dr Aric Sigman has said, “As the amount of time spent looking at a screen or plugging in increases, the amount of direct eye-to-eye contact and […]

  • God is our refuge and strength

    Some new stories are very sad and reveal how vulnerable we all are when we are exposed to exceptional pressure. Jacintha Saldanha, the nurse at King Edward VII hospital who answered a prank phone call from two Australian DJs, took her own life just 3 days later. Frances Andrade, a mother of 4 sons and […]

  • God hears our prayers

    I am staying for a few days with friends in São Paulo, a teeming megacity in Brazil. While I have been here I have heard of people facing real difficulties. Peter, who is in his early sixties, was visiting Christians in a remote town in Amazonas when he fell and broke his leg. In great […]