The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases

Recently I visited a good friend, who is now more than 90 years old. He and his wife married in 1941, during the World War II, and have been married for more than 70 years. His wife has dementia and had fallen and broken her leg. She was in hospital recovering from an operation to repair the break. My friend and his wife live with their daughter and her husband. He is not able to go out very often.

He showed me his Bible and a verse which was stuck on the inside cover. He said, “We have proved the truth of these words throughout our lives.” The verse comes from the book of Lamentations, which was written by Jeremiah, and says, “The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases, his mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning; great is your faithfulness.” These words were written at a time of national crisis for the Jewish nation as they were about to be conquered by the Babylonians and be carried away into exile. Jeremiah himself also faced a very uncertain future.

God’s Word is a wonderful source of strength and encouragement. My friend and his wife have known the Lord providing for them every day of their lives. They have faced many challenges from the early days of their marriage during the War until today. In every situation they have experienced the Lord’s faithfulness and have a quiet peace as they face the future.

Our world is facing many crises. We may also be anxious about our own future. The eternal God is a source of constant help and strength. His steadfast love is expressed in his promises. His mercies never come to an end, but are new every morning. He is always faithful. Who do you believe and put your trust in? Don’t listen to the angry voices of atheistic secularists, but put your trust in God and his unchanging Word, which still speaks with calm, eternal authority.

Spring has come, the days are lengthening and the weather is gloriously sunny. The spring flowers and the blossoms are brightening the landscape. The Lord has brought us through another winter and promises that each day he will meet our needs, whatever they may be. How good it is to trust in his steadfast love every day of our lives and to know that he will provide new mercies every morning.

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