Marie Colvin – a Witness for Truth

Marie Colvin, the Sunday Times war correspondent, died last week in the besieged Syrian city of Homs as she was trying to retrieve her shoes so she could escape a Syrian army bombardment. Marie was with 5 other journalists who went into a building housing a rebel press centre in the district of Babr Amr. Other journalists were injured and a French photojournalist, Remi Ochlik, was also killed.

Marie was a courageous war correspondent. During her 30 year career she reported from Iraq, Sierra Leone, Chechnya, Afghanistan and the Tamil areas of Sri Lanka, where she lost one of her eyes. Her mission was to report the horrors of war, especially as it affects civilians, with accuracy and without prejudice. She said, “Covering a war means going to places torn by chaos, destruction and death, and trying to bear witness.”

Her work involved great personal cost. She spoke about the terror she experienced personally as she went on patrol with soldiers through the fields and villages of Afghanistan, “putting one step in front of the other, steeling yourself each step for the blast.” She saw some of her colleagues being severely injured and killed as they reported from war zones. Her last report was, “In Baba Amr. Sickening, cannot understand how the world can stand by. Watched a baby die today. Shrapnel, doctors could do nothing. His little tummy just heaved and heaved until he stopped. Feeling helpless …. Will keep trying to get out the information.” It was not long before her voice, the voice of truth, was silenced by a Syrian army rocket, probably targeted at her and other journalists reporting on the war. “In war, truth is the first casualty!”

2000 years ago men also tried to silence the voice of truth. Jesus Christ, the Son of God, came into this world to bear witness to the truth which sets us free. He spoke the truth without fear for his own safety. He faced constant hostility from religious and political leaders who tried to silence him by putting him to death on a cross. Their hatred and opposition to him was irrational and ultimately futile. On the third day he rose from the dead and today he is loved and followed by millions of people around the world. He comes alongside us in our sadness and need in order to help, strengthen and, ultimately, deliver us. One day he will bring the truth to light and judge the world in righteousness.

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