Month: October 2011

  • Hope in a World of Contrasts

    We live in a complex world in which there are striking contrasts. This week the population of the world will reach 7 billion. 60% of the world’s population lives in Asia, including China and India, which account for 37% of the total. The rate of growth is rapid; from 5 billion in 1987 to 6 […]

  • The Death of a Dictator

    Muammar Gaddafi is dead. After 8 months of civil war he was captured and killed by former rebel forces in Sirte, his home town. He had ruled Libya for 42 years and was responsible for many atrocities both within Libya and in other countries. He was one of the richest men in the world with […]

  • Let the little children come to me

    I recently attended the funeral service of a 5 month old little boy. His father carried the small white coffin into the church with the mother by his side. There were many family members and friends present. We were all very sad. Brandon died of sudden infant death syndrome, from which about 300 babies aged […]

  • Following the puck of life

    The obituary in The Times for one of the most influential people of his generation read, “Steven Jobs, founder of Apple and Pixar, was born on February 24, 1955. He died of cancer on October 5, 2011, aged 56.” The story of Steve Jobs’ life is remarkable. His natural parents gave him up for adoption […]

  • When bad things happen

    Some news stories are heart breaking. A few weeks ago a man in our town went into the hairdresser’s shop where his estranged wife worked and shot her with a shotgun. She was seriously wounded and has only recently been released from hospital. After shooting his wife the man went to local woods near their […]