The Journey of Life

Every day millions of people around the world travel by air to other parts of the world. As I wait for my flight from Sao Paul to London the airport is full of people. Some travel alone, others are with family and friends. In departures there are tears as people say “good-bye”, in arrivals there are tears of joy as loved ones are reunited. Some browse the duty free shops with their high-priced luxury goods.

Life is a journey. Time passes quickly and opportunities come and go. We cannot stand still and the choices we make sometimes have far-reaching consequences. None of us chooses the place where our life’s journey begins.

This week I visited people living in a poor area of Manaus, the capital of Amazonas. They live in simple houses in “invasion” areas. People from small communities move to the city and build wooden houses on unoccupied land. The facilities are very basic and people have little money. Those who find work receive a minimum monthly salary of just over £200, or £7 per day. The cost of living is similar to the UK.

I visited a home where a single mother is bringing up 4 young children. They are starting their life’s journey with great disadvantages – no father to love them, poor education, little food, vulnerable to disease and likely to spend their whole life in poverty. I reflected on how much I have to thank God for! I have been blessed with so much because I was born in a loving family in the UK.

A flight has just departed. The last call was made for passengers to board and then the gate closed. One day we will all reach the end of our life’s journey and will enter into eternity. Some who have had so much in this life may find the door to eternal life closed. They lived for the pleasures of this life and made no preparations for the life to come. While some who have been poor all their lives may enter into eternal life. Perhaps those children, and their mother, will go to the little church which has just opened at the end of their street and hear the good news that Jesus loves them. Then one day they will hear him say to them, “Come you who are blessed by my Father, take your inheritance, the kingdom prepared for you since the creation of the world!”

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