Love has Won!

The Easter message of the resurrection of Jesus Christ rang out across the world again this year. The good news that “Christ is risen” offers hope to all people. It is especially relevant this year as we received news of many deaths and serious injuries in Libya and Syria and continued troubles around the world.

We all have to face the fact of our mortality. The life experiences of each of us may vary, but all of us will one day have to die. Rich and poor people alike must die. Modern medicine has meant that many people in the world live longer, but sooner or later we must all face what the Bible calls the “last enemy.”

The words of a modern hymn joyfully declare the wonderful significance of Jesus’ resurrection, “And we are raised with him, death is dead, love has won, Christ has conquered; and we shall reign with Him, for He lives: Christ is risen from the dead!”
Because of the resurrection of Jesus “death is dead.” He entered into the realm of death and overcame it. By his death and resurrection Jesus “destroyed death and brought life and immortality to light through the gospel.” When we put our trust in him as our Saviour and Lord we know that even though we die, we shall live forever in God’s presence.

His resurrection also declares that “love has won!” His enemies were full of hatred as they plotted his betrayal, condemnation and crucifixion. They wanted to destroy him and it seemed as if they had won. The behaviour of Jesus was so different. His whole life was a demonstration of God’s love as he showed love and kindness to all kinds of people. His love appeared so weak in comparison with the hatred of his enemies. But his resurrection shows that his love has won!

So the Easter message is “Christ has conquered!” His death was not a defeat, but a wonderful and decisive victory. He overcame all his enemies and now lives in the power of an endless life. He has ascended to heaven and has all authority in heaven and on earth. How encouraging it is to know that his gospel will ultimately triumph in history. The great empires of the world come and go, but the Kingdom of Jesus Christ continues to grow and will one day fill the whole earth. Then all who love him will reign with him forever.

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