Month: December 2010

  • Welcoming strangers

    The birth of Jesus brought great joy to Mary and Joseph, but it also involved significant trauma. The news that Mary was pregnant seriously threatened her reputation for purity and integrity in her home village of Nazareth. The circumstances of the birth were extremely difficult as Mary gave birth to her first child in a […]

  • The Child who changed the world

    Last weekend there was travel chaos at Heathrow airport. The airport was closed because of the heavy snow and icy conditions. Thousands of people arrived at the airport to find their flights cancelled. Many decided to wait hoping the situation would improve. The terminals were crowded with people and their cases as some slept the […]

  • Good news of great joy

    This year the big supermarkets are selling very few Christmas cards with Christian themes. The overwhelming majority of the cards they are selling have a “traditional” Christmas message. When asked why this had been done the reply was that this is what the majority of their customers want. We are living in very difficult and […]

  • To us a Son is given

    The birth of a child is a very special time. The birth of a second son last week to a young couple we know has brought great joy to the whole family. More than 2000 years ago a young engaged couple living in the little Galilean village of Nazareth had to come to terms with […]