Nicky’s Story

Last week my wife and I went to a wedding in Killarney. It was a joyful occasion as the families and friends gathered to share the day with the happy couple. On the Sunday we went to a small church in a nearby town. Towards the end of the service a man told us how he had recently become a Christian. Nicky, who is now in his 40’s, was born with a serious physical handicap. He has never been able to walk and has limited use of his hands. He has always needed a wheel chair and now has an electric wheel chair which gives him the freedom to go to get around on his own.

Nicky told us that his early life had been very difficult because he was treated badly and was never able to do the things his friends did. In order to survive these experiences he became hard and told himself that it didn’t matter what other people thought of him. His life continued to be a difficult. Inside he was hurt and angry. He had attended church from time to time, but God meant nothing to him.

A few months ago he met a Christian who spoke to him about Jesus Christ and told him that through Jesus he could be forgiven and start a new life. Nicky started thinking about what the Christian had told him but continued his old life. Then 3 weeks ago he realised he needed to know God and went to talk to the Christian. That day he prayed and received Jesus Christ as his Saviour and Lord. He said, “For the first time in my life I knew that if I died that day I would go to heaven!”

Nicky has begun a new life. He knows that there are many things that still have to change. He still needs his wheel chair and daily life is not easy, but inside he has become a new man. The anger has gone. He knows real joy and peace because he has experienced God’s love for him in Jesus. He reads the Bible every day and is learning more about God. He knows that his future is certain. One day he will see God in heaven and will live forever in his presence. Then he will have a new body and an overwhelming sense of God’s love for him.