Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee

The Diamond Jubilee for Queen Elizabeth II is a very special occasion. She came to the throne on 6 February 1952, at the age of 26, following the death of her father, King George VI. Her Coronation took place on 2 June 1953. Throughout the past 60 years the Queen has reigned with great dignity and wisdom. She has been a good example to her subjects. Many people around the world are glad to live under the reign of Queen Elizabeth. In addition to the UK, there are 15 Commonwealth Realms of which Elizabeth is the Queen. She is also Head of the Commonwealth of Nations which brings together 54 independent nation states. This week millions of people around the world will express their love and affection for the Queen.

Some people are, however, fiercely opposed to privilege and wealth which have not been earned. They are opposed to the monarchy and favour republicanism. They want the right to chose their leaders and, if they wish, to be able to remove them. Behind this lies the demand for autonomy, so that we are free to do anything we wish. We don’t want anyone to tell us what to do, especially if we didn’t give them that right by electing them.

There is, however, an awesome reality that all of us must face. This world and our personal lives are governed by God. He is King over all human monarchs. His rule is a great blessing to those who gladly acknowledge him. He invites us all to live under his care and protection. He sent his Son, Jesus Christ, to establish a Kingdom to which people of all nations may belong. All Christians gladly confess “Jesus is Lord!”

Many early Christians died for this profession. Every citizen of the Roman Empire was required once a year to burn a pinch of incense and say, “Caesar is Lord.” Christians, who were loyal citizens and prayed for the Emperor, refused to do this because they knew only Jesus was truly Lord. They were punished very severely and many died in the arena where they faced wild animals. The spectators, seeing how the Christian men protected the women and the woman protected the children, said, “See how these Christians love one another!” In their darkest hour these Christians knew that, because Jesus really is Lord, even though they died they would live with him forever in his heavenly Kingdom.

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